Available Video and Videography Services List

The below is a listing of typical project types for which we provide services. Adventure Video will capture your video/photos for you or use your materials and content the choice is up to you.
  • Church Events- Bible School, Plays, Revivals, Testimonials, etc.

Enter a service request to schedule your project.    Can't find what your looking forClick here and tell us. We are here to serve you.

Hunting Videos ServiceRunning Deer Animation

    With 30 yrs. of hunting experience, we can capture your hunt on video without alarming the game. We provide the camera and cameraman. You provide the hunter. Save your memories or promote your hunting club or lodge with our service.

     We can capture footage of virtually any game animal that you may pursue including deer, turkey, ducks, geese, dove, quail, pheasant, and also predators such as  coyotes, bear, etc..

     We use digital broadcast quality equipment to achieve professional results. Our client(s) can be fitted with wireless microphones to capture every word. The completed video can be edited and copied to your choice of media. Music, pictures, narration, titles or whatever you need can be added to your video. Just submit a service request and tell us what you have in mind.

 Go to the Hunting Videos page for more information.

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  • Weddings Use this Link to SCHEDULE YOUR WEDDING VIDEO

    •  Basic wedding package (3 Cameras 1 Cameraman) or the works, it's up to you. All of our packages include at least three copies with cases. Click here for pricing.
    •   Photo montages with "your song" make a touching addition to your wedding memories. Please see the Service Agreement for adding music or third party content to your project.
    •   Still image photos can be captured from the video and/or additional still images can be captured during your photo sessions. Photos can also be added from your wedding photographer at your request.
    •   The bride, groom and minister can be fitted with wireless microphones to clearly capture every word. (Especially helpful for outdoor events)

Note* We do not specialize in wedding photography or printing but can provide quality digital photo CD's for your use.


Transfer services are available for virtually any media format. Prices vary with media type, duration, and desired features. Please visit the Video Transfers  or Price List pages for more information.

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Birthday parties, re-unions, funerals, instructional or whatever the occasion, slide shows and montages, can be transferred from existing media or created from your photographs, digital picture files, or captured still frames taken from video. Titles, menus, music, and narration can be added to your project enhancing the scenes and adding meaning for the intended use.

Please review our Service Agreement before adding third party content to your project.

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Video of Church events such as Vacation Bible School, revivals, special singing, retreats, testimonials, dedications, etc. can be used to spread God's word to the community and especially to the elderly or shut-ins. This is a valuable tool for evangelism with the added benefit of being able to see the growth of the Church and the family of God throughout the years to pass on to future generations. We will make extra efforts on these types of projects in order to serve God and spread his gospel.

Please submit a Service Request and tell us all about your vision for this project, include as much detail as possible.

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  • Instructional Videos

            This type of video can be useful for training, as instructions for your product, tutorial demonstrations, advertisements, or as a how-to videos for retail sale. We will work with you to communicate your points/ideas and insure quality detailed instructions. We can capture/create the video, graphics, and drawings for you or use your materials for a custom look.

    Please submit a Service Request and tell us what you need.

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